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If you need professional help overcoming your addiction, the experienced physicians at Wilshire Family Medicine Clinic in Burleson, Texas, offer carefully monitored Suboxone® therapy to help you achieve a successful recovery from opioid dependence. To learn more about this effective solution to reduce your reliance on opiate medications call the office to book your appointment with Dr. Thomas today.

Suboxone Q & A

What is Suboxone?

Suboxone is a revolutionary medication designed to reduce the withdrawal effects of opioid addiction. It’s actually a combination of two other medications: naloxone and buprenorphine.

Naloxone is a pure opioid antagonist, which blocks signals from reaching brain receptors, preventing the high effect of an opioid. Buprenorphine is a partial opioid agonist that excites the brain receptors, producing a variety of sensations that cause people to become addicted to certain drugs. However, the high of buprenorphine is much lower than other agonists, such as heroin, making it an effective treatment option for drug addiction.

Ultimately, the use of Suboxone helps you wean off from stronger drugs and lessens your withdrawal symptoms and cravings to increase your chances of a successful recovery.

How do opioid therapies treat opioid addiction?

It may seem counterproductive to use other opioids to treat opioid addiction. However, because of the power opioids have over an addict, the use of Suboxone can be the safest option.

Using Suboxone therapy, you can gently reduce your cravings for your drug of choice to a point where your addiction becomes more manageable. This eliminates the need to simply stop taking opioids and attempting to cope with the severe side effects that withdrawal can cause.

What can I expect during Suboxone therapy?

Dr. Thomas at Wilshire Family Medical Clinic can determine if Suboxone treatment is right for you based on an evaluation of your overall health and pattern of addiction.

In most cases, you’ll need to go through a detoxification process prior to starting treatment, and your physician creates an individual treatment plan to ensure your therapy is both safe and effective, all while being tailored to your unique needs.

There does exist a risk of addiction to Suboxone if you don’t use it according to your provider’s recommendations. To prevent addiction and other complications, the staff at Wilshire Family Medical Clinic offer additional treatment resources, including aftercare therapy and addiction support to help you achieve and maintain long-term recovery.

It’s never too late to seek treatment for drug dependence. Schedule a consultation online or by phone today at Wilshire Family Medicine Clinic.