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Monitoring changes in your health from one year to the next is an important part of preventive health care. Wilshire Family Medicine Clinic in Burleson, Texas, offers comprehensive physical exams to keep track of these change and ensure you and your family are healthy and happy. The practice also provides specialized physical services for pre-employment testing, sports organizations, and the Department of Transportation. Learn more about the importance of annual physicals by calling the office to schedule an appointment or scheduling an appointment online today.

Physicals Q & A

Why are annual physical exams important?

Annual physicals are an important part of preventive care as they give your doctor the opportunity to ensure you’re in good health, even if you don’t have any symptoms of an illness or disease.

During these appointments, they can identify potentially serious health conditions while they’re still in the early stages, allowing you to start treatment as soon as possible. Physicals are also a good time to get caught up on necessary immunizations and address any concerns you have about your health, diet, or any medications or supplements you’re taking.

You may also need to schedule a physical if you or your child plans to play an organized sport or are required to take one as part of your pre-employment screening. Wilshire Family Medicine Clinic also offers Department of Transportation physicals.

Men’s wellness exams are available as well to address unique male health care concerns. These exams include a thorough evaluation of reproductive and overall health, and screening for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) like gonorrhea and herpes is also available in-office.  

What happens during a physical?

Initially, your doctor reviews your medical and family history to determine if additional health screenings may be necessary during your appointment. They also listen to any questions or concerns you have about new symptoms you’ve experienced since your last visit.

For the physical exam, you can expect your doctor to check a number of areas, including your:

  • Eyes
  • Ears
  • Nose
  • Throat
  • Lungs
  • Heart

They will also look over your skin and feel your inner organs for signs of abnormalities.

Will I need blood work?

As part of your physical exam, your doctor may determine additional health screenings are necessary, based on your medical and family history. You may need blood testing if you are at increased risk for conditions like diabetes or high cholesterol.

You may also need to have a sample of your blood taken if you already have an existing health condition that needs to be monitored. Additionally, if you’re taking certain medications, you may need routine blood work to ensure these drugs aren’t harming your organs.

What should I bring to my appointment?

In order for your doctor to have a full picture of your current health, you should bring with you a list of any medications you’re currently taking, including over-the-counter medicines and dietary supplements, any lab reports or medical records, and a list of your questions or concerns.

Schedule a physical today at Wilshire Family Medicine Clinic using the online booking feature or by calling the office in Burleson directly.